Wenima Village natural amenities--the wildlife habitat, hiking paths, parks and gardens--are purposefully integrated with housing, open spaces, traffic corridors, and community amenities. Through each building phase careful attention will be given to tree and indigenous plant preservation, saving and moving for careful transplantation during optimum planting seasons. Our plans also include native rock harvesting for use in residential housing design and fencing alongside landscape and hardscape use in park areas. By implementing this type of proper planning, the natural assets of Wenima Village are preserved, and protect the innate beauty of the Wenima Valley environment.

Many of our land-planning and design techniques will extensively implement perma-culture, cautiously engineered to reduce erosion and water run-off. This system also employs retention systems throughout the community for conservation and reuse of water where appropriate.

Circle West Architects, Scottsdale, Arizona, will provide architectural and town-planning services for Wenima Village. Circle West’s simple goal, “to build a world that’s a better place for living,” is reflected through their award winning projects that feature an array of environmentally friendly materials within a neighborhood environment, utilizing organic expressions of forms and materials.