Wenima Village Coterie - The Hub
Centrally located in the heart of Wenima Village is the Wenima Village Coterie. As a community hub of activity, this building houses a bakery and coffee shop that is open for sunrise breakfasts, soups, sandwiches, hiking snacks, Sunday brunches, and stacks of New York Times. Produce and fruits raised at Wenima Valley Organic Farms are featured on the menu alongside many other organic ingredients and entrees. Residents of Wenima Village often meet here for friendly chats and visits with newcomers and overnight guests from the Wenima Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Wenima Village Hotel & Spa
Wenima Boutique Hotel--containing 40 guest suites--also features a complete Health & Spa Facility and a Bistro Restaurant in a resort setting. The Wenima Village Coterie will work in conjunction with the Wenima Bistro to provide organic gourmet meal service for Wenima residents and catering for all types of events. At-home spa services are available for residents of Wenima Village through Concierge Services.

Wenima Plaza
A generous indoor/outdoor seating and dining area at the Wenima Village Coterie--Wenima Plaza-- also serves as a multi-use space and is available in the evenings for Wenima Village community gatherings and meetings.

Wenima Business Center
A small business center for Wenima community residents, providing computer and copy services, postage stamp purchases and mail drop-off.

Wenima Amphitheatre & Farmer's Market
An outdoor amphitheatre located near the Wenima Village Coterie in a central park setting features open-air music concerts, summer symphonies and opera performances alongside art festivals and The Wenima Farmer’s Market--open through late spring, summer and fall. The Wenima Farmer's Market will run in conjunction with Wenima Valley Organic Farms & Gardens.

Wenima Artist Center
The non-profit Wenima Creative Center will provide a variety of cultural and artistic opportunities for residents, local citizens and visitors. As the “artist community” at Wenima Creative Center flourishes, adult, private, and children’s classes will be offered on various artistic medias and the fine arts. Artist Retreats and weekend workshops will be offered in cooperation with the Wenima Boutique Hotel & Spa. A small lecture auditorium--seating for 40 to 100--will host lectures and workshops with international--such as New York, Berlin, London, France--national, and local artists and authors on various topics. The acoustical design will allow for small winter concerts, musical recitals, and theatric performances.

Other Amenities & Events Planned For Wenima Village

  • Children’s Park
  • Dog Park
  • Retail Services
  • Office & Commercial Space
  • Seasonal Festivals & Celebrations
  • Annual Walnut Festival