1. What is Wenima Development, LLC?

The Wenima Development LLC was formed for the purpose of developing 300 acres in the Wenima Valley, located in the town of Springerville, Arizona.

2. What is the overall plan?

Our project includes plans for custom single-family home/lot packages, a hiking and biking trail system, and a Boutique Hotel and Health Spa facility.

3. Can I buy a lot or acreage and build my own home?

The Wenima Village is a master planned community and our first priority is the care and protection of the land. As a planned community, quality and consistency of Feng Shui design and construction are necessary to achieve success. The Feng Shui design will care for the land and the residents of the community. Feng Shui Construction LLC is the authorized construction company for this project. Custom home and lot packages are the best way to assure the highest quality for this type of a project.

4. Are there covenants, codes, and restrictions--CC&R’s?

Yes, codes exist prior to the purchase of the land by the Wenima Development LLC and additional codes to fit the Feng Shui design and engineering requirements.

5. What services are included with my Feng Shui Custom Home?

First, a complete personal analysis is required to determine which lot or acreage fits you best. Our Feng Shui practitioners match your information to complement the Wenima Village Feng Shui infrastructure—an arrangement of streets, sidewalks, parks, etc. There are basic and essential elements that will be included in the layout of your home. These elements establish a harmonious balance for the occupants and with the surroundings at Wenima. Further custom engineering of special features, internal chi considerations and movement, custom site degrees, and water features for your property to maximize health and wealth are available for an additional charge.

6. Can I design my own home?

Yes, in conjunction with our award-winning architects—Circle West Architects—and our Feng Shui practitioners. No home at Wenima Village is alike. Features include: 12-foot high ceilings; indoor spas and saunas; gourmet kitchens; personal meditation rooms and sanctuaries; multiple master suites; native rock fireplaces; water features; indoor lap-pools; wine-cellars; media rooms with high-speed internet, telephone, and television cable; billiard rooms, and home theatre systems. A complete design center during the construction phases at Wenima Village feature selections for: hardwood and bamboo floorings; stone, marbles, and tile; unique moldings and trims; indigenous rocks and materials; wall-finishes; distinctive cabinetry; appliances and accessories for gourmet kitchens and spa bathrooms.

7. What Community amenities can I expect with my home at Wenima Village?

  • In-home spa therapy through Wenima Village Health Spa
  • Fresh organic produce, herb, and fruit delivery—grown exclusively on our land in Wenima Valley
  • Gourmet meal home delivery service
  • Airport Limousine Service and Ski-shuttle
  • Maid and housekeeping services
  • Complete community fitness facility
  • Dog-walking and pet services
  • Wenima Village Coterie Coffee House & Bistro
  • Bistro wine cellar stocked from specialty small US vineyards
  • Guestrooms available at Wenima Village Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Community meeting rooms
  • One-of-a-kind lectures, classes, and workshops
  • Floral and private landscape services
  • Security systems & private detail
  • Abundant landscaping and water features
  • Solar energy and ozone water remediation systems
  • Disaster resistant construction throughout Wenima Village
  • Management on site seven days a week

8. What are the neighborhood features?

  • Surrounded by the Wenima Wildlife Area and State Trust Lands
  • A natural environment near the riparian lands of the Little Colorado River
  • Walking, hiking and biking trails throughout the community
  • Organic farm, gardens, and greenhouses
  • Amphitheatre for summer concerts, both modern and classical
  • Meditation and enchantment acloves
  • Parks with edible landscape
  • Artistic Center
  • Children's Park
  • Dog Park
  • 30-minute ride to Sunrise Ski Resort
  • 10-minute ride from Springerville Airport featuring an 8,400 foot paved and lighted runway, perfect for small jets and NetJet service

9. Can a tour of the land be arranged?

Once you have reviewed and filled out the questions in the Wenima Preliminary Investor Interview we will call you and arrange an appointment. The investment is a private investment offering and complies with the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. During our organizational stage, we are arranging tours to prospective investors only. If you would like more information click here.