Wenima Village Development Prelimary Summary Project Description/Location

Wenima Development LLC proposes to build a Master-Planned Community for 402 upscale single-family homes utilizing active and passive solar applications alongside Classical Chinese Feng Shui Infrastructure Engineering and Design. Wenima Village is located in Springerville, Arizona (Apache County) surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest with a population of 16,199 within 35 miles.

Wenima Village was once known in the White Mountain region as the Hooper Ranch, a unique hidden valley located along the meandering waters of the Little Colorado River that over a thousand years ago was also home to Hopi and Zuni tribes. Today, the Wenima Village Master Planned Community's 313 acres adjoin the Arizona Game & Fish Wenima Wildlife Area and Trail System.

Two significant archaeological preserves also border Wenima Village Community and the Wildlife Area, known as the Hooper Ranch Pueblo, containing 60 rooms and a ceremonial kiva. Since Wenima Village Community is an irreplaceable, natural park setting, its ambience of quiet contemplation and distinctive historical importance is an opportunity of rare supply in today's hectic world.

• Located 20-minutes from Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona's largest Ski Area .

• Adjoins Wenima Wildlife Area a 357-acre reserve park managed by Arizona Game & Fish.

• The Wenima Wildlife Area is home to bald eagles, antelope, deer and Arizona Song Birds.

• The Little Colorado River runs through Wenima Wildlife Area.

• Two archeological sites, owned and managed by The Archaeological Conservancy.

• Walking, Hiking and Biking Trails throughout Wenima Village create a park-like setting.

Customers/Target Market

The Second Home Market in the White Mountains demonstrates a dramatic seasonal increase in population growth during the spring, summer and early fall seasons with a growing number of second homeowners drawn to the Springerville area for the cooler, non-metro environment. Markets drawn from will include Phoenix, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Albuquerque, NM; and El Paso, TX. The National Market for second homes for families who desire nearby skiing, fishing and hiking in the pristine, park-like setting.

The Environmentally Conscious Baby Boomer draws from the age group of 45-55 (Nexers) and have a younger, more vital self-image then their parents and desire to live a fully active lifestyle that just won't fit in at age-restricted communities.

The Permanent Retirement Home Market anticipates that with the metropolitan areas reaching almost unbearable limits of traffic congestion and air pollution, older households, which have reached retirement age, are presenting a strong demand for smaller, clean air communities.

The New American Dream: Big-City Incomes, Small-Town Living Baby Boomers, Baby-Echos and Generation X-ers long to restore a balance between material desires while living in a safe, crime-free community. This post 9-11 demographic places a value on connectivity, traditional neighborhoods and walkability all creating a higher quality of life without compromising the ability for earning capacity.

• Affluent (Wenima Village Community being a second home for approximately ¾ of the buyers)

• Between the ages of 40 and 55 (active adults, but not retirees in the true sense of the word)

• Empty nesters (expect a few young families or many with resident children)

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Disaster Resistant Construction

Metal Roof Truss System

Integrates Active & Passive Solar

Application for Arizona Sun, Fire

and Wind Resistant.

Ozone Water Treatment

Recycles Water in Common Areas,

Trails, Orchards and Vegetable Areas.

Z-Mix Masonry Construction

Fire and Wind Resistant. With stands Earthquakes up to 8.5-force.

Metal Interior Wall Partitions

Cost Efficient. Fire Resistant.

Enviro-Friendly Flooring Systems

Stress-Reducing Yellow Pine T/G Solid Joists for Occupants' Joints, Feet and Spinal Cord.


Infrastructure and Amenities

Classical Chinese Feng Shui

Infrastructure Engineering and Design

Vanguard Design for Master-Planned Communities Common to Pacific Rim Introduced as Premium Selling Feature in USA.

Park and Trail System

Wenima Village Community sur- rounded by State Trust Lands and Dedicated Wenima Wildlife Area.

Home Sites designed for Access to Walking and Biking Trails

All Homes engineered for Easy Walking Access to Wildlife Area, Little Colorado River, Hiking/Biking Trail and Park system throughout the Community.

State-of-the-Art Broadband and Fiber Optic Community-Wide Network

All Homes wired for Broadband, Wireless, and Voice-Over-Network.