Wenima Village is located in a heavenly valley in Eastern Arizona, adjoining the town of Springerville. The word “Wenima,” from the Hopi and Zuni Native American language means, “Coming Home.”

The site is approximately three hundred acres (plus or minus) and has the Little Colorado River running next to it. These waters are fed from the springs on Mt. Baldy, a sacred mountain to Native American Apaches. Next to the river is an amazing stand of centuries-old native walnut trees growing in riparian pastures among wild grapes and roses. Riparian lands and the Little Colorado River run through the Wenima Wildlife Area--managed by Arizona Game and Fish. Bordering the Little Colorado River and the Wenima property are two ancient Hopi Indian Village sites and one has been excavated by archeologists and yielded thousands of Hopi artifacts. The artifacts are housed at the Chicago Museum Of Natural History. Two sites, known as the Hooper Ranch Pueblo in the Wenima Valley, are now owned and managed--since 1993--by the Archaeological Conservancy, Albuquerque, NM.

Before acquiring the land for Wenima Village we sponsored a very respected Buddhist Feng Shui Master from Taiwan, Sister Chang. Upon our approach at the Wenima Valley viewpoint her first comment was, “Living here will be like living in heaven.” We spent the entire day with her on the property and she explained the many unique characteristics and blessings that this site would give to the families who would live there; peace, harmony; health and wealth. Before we left she and her translators thanked us for showing them, “Such beautiful land.”

A Walk Among Wild Roses & Walnut Trees

The White Mountains

Wenima Village Map

Wenima Village is 30 minutes from Sunrise Recreational Ski Area, Greer and the hiking and biking trails of Mt. Baldy. The Painted Desert, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Monument Valley and the El Morro National Monument are all within a two-hour drive. The Springerville Airport features an 8,400 foot runway about ten minutes from the site for those who want to fly in for a visit.