Wenima Development LLC is an environmentally and socially aware group who passionately believe that through careful stewardship our world can embrace positive change. Naturally, this is a very different approach--especially in the cynical world of real estate development. Stewardship by definition means “management,” or “charge for someone else,” and it is true that the lands of Wenima Village are currently “owned” by our corporation. Nevertheless, this land--it's spirit and purpose--inevitably belongs to itself. We view possession as a temporal tenure--like entrusted caretakers, and our stewardship for the lands of Wenima Valley is only a short passage that we optimistically and intentionally infuse with the rhythmic steps of preservation and conservation. Hopefully these steps, our “walk in beauty,” will be a journey that engenders and inspires the feather's edge of balance for many, many generations to come.

Lenard & Lori Toye
Stewards, Wenima Village

“Holy Mother Earth, the trees and all nature, are witnesses of your thoughts and deeds.” - A Winnebago Wise Saying