Wenima Solar Energy
Passive and active solar technology is standard for each residential home and condominium, featuring high wind resistance and earth movement dampening. All residential home designs will feature energy and water savings features with a sensitivity towards environmental and resource-saving technology. The Wenima Village infrastructure will also utilize wind and solar energy applications, with a primary emphasis on solar-power street lighting.
Wenima Ozone Treatment Systems
Sewer treatment at Wenima Village is a self-contained system where the effluent is treated with an ozone water treatment system. The effluent is stored in a pond and used for irrigation of the Wenima Village Parks, Trail-Systems and the common landscape areas. Water treated with ozone systems is pure enough to drink. Solar and wind power will be used for the water and sewer systems. Their storage system is unique as the battery storage is of a very high quality and durable, long life.

Wenima Water
During the next twenty years, pure water will become an increasingly sought commodity, and Wenima Village is exceptionally blessed. Our water source comes from deep wells into the lower aquifer of the area. This aquifer is fed from springtime snowmelts and the White Mountain streams of the 11,590 foot high Grandfather Peak, Mount Baldy-sacred to the native tribes. All of our plans incorporate state-of-the-art Ozone treatment facilities for sewer, effluent, and water storage, eliminating the need for chlorine treatment, improving water taste.

Wenima Feng Shui Infrastructure & Residential Design
Wenima Village infrastructure (streets, walking and biking paths) and residential homes integrates the science of Earth's geomancy through implementing Classical Feng Shui principles. Our Master Planned Community of 400 homes will be situated in the most auspicious manner to enhance the natural healing energies of the Earth, tapping into health, harmony, and prosperity for Wenima Village residents.

Feng Shui principles will also be integrated into each individual home design. Homes will be situated in the most auspicious manner to enhance the natural healing energies of the residential area for their owners. Practitioners will be available for clients requesting private Feng Shui consultations.

Wenima Communications
State-of-the-Art Broadband and Fiber Optic Community-Wide Network. All homes wired for Broadband, Wireless, and Voice-Over-Network, (VoIP).