Why? It is true that this land is exclusively beautiful, but it is also extraordinarily unique. Having the opportunity to explore the lands of Wenima Village we always noted something different and we changed after each, "walk." Afterwards, we would feel lighter and less burdened from worldly cares, typical of any encounter with Mother Nature. Noticing a distinct difference in our attitudes and overall approach to life, we also observed this subtle transformation in whomever joined us on foot journeys through visual verses of walnut trees, meandering waters, wild roses, and ancient etchings on stone. Through the years each step has intensified and solidified a healing experience, best explained as a state of delicate balance--like walking on the edge of a feather. Hopi poetry aptly describes this as a, "Walk in beauty."

Extraordinary land cries out for an extraordinary vision. You will not find the vision for Wenima Village anywhere else. Nor will you find the stereotypical golf course-based master planned community. Been there. Done that. Wenima is distinctively permeated with the personable inner Spirit of Her--The Land.

"If it is finished in beauty.
It is finished in beauty,
It is finished in beauty."

Lenard & Lori Toye
Master Planners of The New Paradigm